Hello. I am a Creative Technologist with a passion for making products and experiences at the intersection of our physical and digital worlds.

Are You Better Than Our Worst?

Recruiting interns to put pressure on the worst employees at the best agency.

Vote or La Chancla

A week-long sprint to save us all.

MetaDerm Skin Companion

A digital companion to help skin condition sufferers track progress.

Activision Painyatta Event

A tweet-powered baseball bat to bring a digital presence to the launch event of Activision's Skylanders Trapteam.

Gentle Monster Retail Installation

Bringing a static sculpture to life.


A photobooth powered by Raspberry Pi.

Meals on Wheels America: Let's Do Lunch

A project to help Meals on Wheels recruit new volunteers.

Converse Interactive Videos

Interactive music videos for Converse product launch and Chuck II wear test.

Meals on Wheels America: Savelunch

Helping Meals on Wheels America rally against proposed budget cuts.

TMW Wired

A huge, connected steady hand game to add a buzz to live events.

Diageo Sentimeter v1 & v2

A novel data collection tool to measure the mood of the workplace.


An Arduino-powered, self-contained gameshow host.